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The Law Firm’s remuneration is determined individually and on a case-by-case basis with the Client. The amount due depends, among other things, on the type of assignment, the given deadline, the value of the subject matter of the case and the amount of work necessary to complete the task.

    The Law Firm applies the following principles of calculating remuneration:

  1. Hourly settlement system – in this case the amount of remuneration is determined on the basis of the number of hours worked on the basis of the agreed hourly rate,
  2. Flat-rate remuneration system – the amount of remuneration is fixed and determined in advance, regardless of the workload. This system is used in particular in the case of orders for permanent service of entrepreneurs and in court cases. It is intended mainly for entrepreneurs,
  3. Mixed system remuneration – the amount is determined on the basis of the flat-rate remuneration and, if the number of hours included in the flat-rate is exceeded, on the basis of hourly rates. This offer is addressed in particular to entrepreneurs,
  4. Success fee system – in this case, the remuneration consists of a relatively low amount due for handling the case. In addition, an additional fee should also be paid, defined as a percentage of the value of the claim. It is obligatory only in the event of a successful outcome of the legal proceedings. The system can be used for some (particularly complex) court or administrative court cases,
  5. Remuneration for conducting a specific case – is determined taking into account the expected workload and type of order, as well as minimum rates specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002 on fees for advocacy services. This regulation also applies to the costs of unpaid legal aid granted ex officio by the State Treasury.

According to the aforementioned regulation in civil and commercial matters , the minimum rates depend on the value of the subject matter of the dispute (claim).

1. to 500 zł

90 zł;

2. above 500 zł to 1500 zł

270 zł;

3. above 1500 zł to 5000 zł

900 zł;

4. above 5000 zł to 10 000 zł

1800 zł;

5. above 10 000 zł to 50 000 zł

3600 zł;

6. above 50 000 zł to 200 000 zł

5400 zł;

7. above 200 000 zł to 2 000 000 zł

10 800 zł;

8. above 2 000 000 zł to 5 000 000 zł

15 000 zł;

9. above 5 000 000 zł

25 000 zł;