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Advocate Marcin Piechocki is an author of publications from an area of European law, civil and company law in Polish, English and German.

Selected publications:

  1. The Judge may correct its own protocol, Rzeczpospolita z 24.05.2018 r. – article about my case before the Constitutional Tribunal SK 15/15
  2. The accused will not threaten the witness,, Rzeczpospolita z 30.04.2014 r.
  3. The European attorney, Rzeczpospolita z 12.07.2014 r.,
  4. Is Mr. Polański safe in Poland?,, Rzeczpospolita z 24.07.2014 r.,
  5. Forfaiting and local government investments, Rzeczpospolita, 7.06.2011 r.
  6. Horizontal and incidental horizontal effect of Community directives in: Application of EU law in the national legal order, Warsaw, ABC, 2004
  7. 7. Restriction on Financial Assistance for the Purchase of Own Shares – New Polish Regulation, Newsletter Banking Law, IBA, Vol 12 No 1, May 2004

He e appeared, as an legal expert, in the first channel of Polish television (TVP1) “Tea or coffee” and in the main information program of TVN: “Subject of the day”.